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Adrianna Morales

Adriana Morales Marin has been drawing and creating since she could hold a pencil. This passion led her to study graphic design at the Universidad Ibero Americana Mexico and begin her professional career as a designer and visual artist.

Adriana has published several bilingual children books, including Catrina’s Day of the Dead, Big Mess Jess, and La Llorona y el Lloron. She also has collaborated as an illustrator on many children books for local authors.


Adriana likes to explore new art mediums and share the joy of creating art like when she teaches art workshops to kids. She has served as the Artist-in-Residence at Audubon Elementary and Puesta del Sol Elementary. Adriana has also offered art workshops for the King County and Seattle Library Systems.


As a designer, she has worked managing the design and creative department of three companies in Mexico City. Adriana has participated in art exhibits on the East Side and Mexico City.


Poetic conversation with The Physics of Beauty—A Sky Proof: “When I read this poem, I was struck by the image of the wide Montana sky and animals big and small. The poem also speaks of yin and yang so I created a creature of the night and one of day for the diptych In the Light of Day and In the Light of Night. The bat and bird both clasp a ribbon of words representing the poem’s concept that we are all connected.”


Connect with Adriana on Instagram at Lazawiz.

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