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Ayelet Shalev

Ayelet Shalev is a free spirit who practices architecture and exhibits her art in Israel, UK, Australia, and in the US where she now lives in Redmond, WA.


Ayelet was born in Jerusalem, Israel. She studied sociology, anthropology, and history of art at Haifa University, Israel and graduated from the Architectural Association school of Architecture, London, UK (Architectural Association Diploma, RIBA II)


She founded her art and architecture business, Studio Shalev, in the year 2000. Then she was accepted into the artist village Ein-Hod which became her base. She participates in group and solo exhibitions and her work has been published in several magazines and books (“Ever Green House" article in Trend magazine. AI ‘Architecture of Israel’ quarterly magazine and in the book "Israeli Architects”)


Ayelet loves to explore new ground for her work through meditation and other journeys. She loves Guy, Aur, Bar, and Mother Nature the most.


Poetic conversation with Arboreal Advisor: “This poem evoked childhood memories, which floated unrooted, carrying a variety of sensational feelings with them that transported me back to my childhood in Jerusalem. The Jerusalem Pine tree (Pinus Halepensis) together with the magical golden light of the city, became the subject of these manifestations when transformed into Memory Bubbles.”


Connect with Ayelet at or

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