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Jennifer Oak

Jennifer Oak is an abstract artist, creating colorful mixed media paintings to connect instinctively and emotionally with the viewer. As a lover of nature, travel, and everyday goings-on, she strives to communicate experiences from her head, heart, and hands through vibrant color, expressive mark making, and complex layers of paint. Since 2008, her work has been seen nationally in galleries, shops, art shows, and other settings, including film and television. She currently splits her time between two studios, both named “stilig studio”; one is located in the historic tourist town of Snohomish, and the other in Woodinville, WA. 

Poetic conversation with Arboreal Advisor:  The first time I heard this poem, it made an impression on me. I thought of the innocence of childhood, the unique connection with a sibling, and the shared familial experiences that build trust. In connecting more closely with this piece, it inspired a painting about the organic relationship we, as people, have with the natural environment. The pine, in this poem, is almost motherly. She's supportive, watchful, and encouraging. She's deeply rooted, and beckons us to move upward toward "sky's the limit" of possibility. As children we trust, without question, and take hold of her branch and all of her offerings. 

Connect with Jennifer on Instagram at joak_art.

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