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Kelley Logan Miller

Kelley Logan Miller is a mixed media collage visual artist. Kelley often uses a camera to capture memories and the energy of what she sees in the moment. This childhood passion led to a precollege art program at Syracuse University. She was exposed to so many venues of art and design that she went onto get a BFA in Graphic Design at Carnegie Mellon University.


Kelley has been creating thru illustrations, painting, and designing within multiple marketing groups, and is currently exploring the abstract inspirations she finds by being outside in nature and surrounding herself with the positive mood and spirit that we all see in differing waves of energy, displacement of natural light, and organic movement. Kelley creates visual presentations that send other viewers on their own adventurous journeys.


Poetic conversation with Sky Orb: “This poem inspired me thru the eyes of the author while she is out on the water having an adventure and a surprise waiting for discovery. After finding this “silver-lining arc’ it becomes a compass of dreams where we map out possibilities. Some “intentions” might bounce off the suns, stars or moons. Some directions might send us towards other creatures (other people, like fishermen, fish, or birds), but also a direction in your own mind is being developed as a suggestion you haven’t explored yet. Kari expresses a flow of energy and excitement of moving thru the water on her kayak in her dance of Sky Orb. Many physical layers are put into my painting, representing the many layers of dreams and directions your destiny might explore thru the metallic, mirrored surface of the “decorative orb”. What direction will the “dream bubble’s silver surface” of the “sky orb” send YOU?”


Connect with Kelley at Instagram @hyla.moons

Kelley Logan Miller
Directional Dreams.jpg
Compass of My Dreams
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