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Rajani Patil

Rajani Patil is a Redmond-based artist. She develops her abstract fluid art processes while creating resin art, acrylic pours, and alcohol ink arts; layering and guiding the colors to flow on the canvas to bring out unique patterns.


Rajani grew up in beautiful western India surrounded by diverse traditional and contemporary art. These early influences have sparked many of her inspirations to stem from nature, creating forms that flow to create her organic and abstract art.


Rajani has a Masters degree in Architecture from India. As an architect early on and now a user experience designer, Rajani has worked in the design field in diverse roles from designing built environments to digital experiences. She volunteered as an art docent at her daughter’s elementary school, and her passion for always learning, exploring and fine-tuning new art techniques led to her start an art studio where she introduces young students (ages 5-11 years) to master artists and their art processes, giving each student a strong foundation in various art media.


Poetic conversation with Be Water and Gratitude for Gray: “I was captivated by how the poems talked about looking beyond the things we dread and finding the silver lining and making the best of it. I aimed to capture how a medley of emotions can be contained behind a simple daily experience, be it monsoon drops dancing on the puddle or a sighting of the crow braving a gray sky on an overcast day.”


Connect with Rajani on Instagram at @artists_in_seattle, or on, or Email

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