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Tanvi Patil

Tanvi Patil, a teen artist, has loved playing with paper ever since she was a toddler. Tired of losing printing paper to her all the time, her dad got her an origami kit for her fifth birthday which was an instant hit! In second grade she got a quilling kit as a gift and found another way to love paper. Tanvi learned the basic quilling techniques through a lot of trial and error, and soon started designing with paper in her own way. Since then she's been experimenting with different art techniques and mixing paper with other art media, making paper gifts for near and dear ones. The best part—she loves that quilling brings so much joy to other people too! 

Tanvi is involved in the local community in various ways. She loves to do this most by participating as a visual artist in children’s business fairs during summer vacation. She donates the proceeds to causes that are close to her heart. She has earned various awards in local art competitions and fairs. Tanvi has been a Girl Scout since second grade and her junior troop earned a bronze award in 2021. 

Poetic conversation with Humming Heart: I was at first inspired by this poem’s vivid imagery of a hummingbird soaring across the sky, and fitting into a perfect harmony with its surroundings. My goal was to create an artwork that shows how everything in nature is connected, and beats with one heart.

With Origami Faces, I wanted to show how masks conceal many emotions and parts of our personality that we don’t want revealed, and let us instead present an “ideal” version of ourselves to others.


Connect with Tanvi on Facebook page @Tanvi’s Studio or on Instagram at @artists_in_seattle or on

YouTube channel Tanvi’s Studio


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